Who We Are

Sylvie Martel is an expert in trendscouting, textile innovation, and works with a unique approach to creativity.

She tracks the creative process of textile innovation at every stage, from conception to execution of the final product.

Martel’s experience of global prospective trends and style forecasts, has allowed her to specialize in the textile development of home and lifestyle environment. By linking creative thinking to design and technology, she is able to maximize the potential of teams, increase the success of collections, whilst tailoring the product experience to clients’ prospective needs.

Following her graduation in Fashion Design from Paris ESMOD in 1986, Martel gained a varied experience as designer and collection manager, before specializing in home fashion.

Sylvie Martel Designs was established in London in 1997 and has since provided trend and textile design consulting to some of the world’s best brands and international corporations. Providing her own comprehensive trend books and artwork collections is an essential tool for both retail and industry teams, in their anticipation of future changes in the industry.

Between 2011 to 2016, Sylvie Martel worked for the French Textile Institute IFTH, who utilized her creative approach at the forefront of fabric innovation technology and product application.

In 2018 she completed her Diploma in Creative Thinking for Innovative Solutions and Management, further cementing her expertise with techniques in collective and creative design.

Her 30 years of expertise has allowed her to build professional training schemes and solutions for product developers, textile production, luxury clients, and brand retailers.

Feel free to contact us for any information on our seasonal forecasts, color directions, inspiration and trend intelligence for home fashion and textile products.